Settling In

At UKMC English Academy we will help you settle in and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We take responsibility for arranging both homestay and private accommodations when they first arrive.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestays offer the best value for money as they include meals and utility costs. They also encourage you to speak and develop your English Language skills and help you settle into the British way of life. Homestays also give you the opportunity to become a member of an English family; this offers good family support but also means that you will need to adjust to the family’s timetable which may include, for instance, arriving home at a set time in the evening, being prompt for meals, and not smoking in the house.
Students will always be given their own room, breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and usually full-board at weekends. You will be expected to be punctual at mealtimes. If you are not going to be back for dinner you should let the family know the night before, or in the morning before you leave. If you do not like a particular food please let your family know, they will not be offended. If you want extra snacks and drinks in the home, you must provide them yourself. You can expect to have a daily bath or shower, although not all English homes have shower facilities. You must provide your own personal toiletries, e.g. shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Some families may do your laundry for you or allow you to do your own laundry in their home. All electricity, water and gas charges are included in the price. If you wish to use a laptop, TV, stereo or other equipment not provided by the family, please check that it is OK with them first. Use of the telephone is not included in the price of homestay, and it is up to the individual family whether or not they let you use their telephone to make outgoing calls, and at what cost. You should be allowed to receive incoming calls at a reasonable time of day. You should always ask your homestay family if you can bring a guest home.

Local families offering homestay are carefully selected and will vary enormously. You may stay with one single person (i.e. the house owner), or with a family. We will endeavour to match you to a family that suits your needs and preferences, and you will need to learn the family routine in order to be happy there. You will be treated, as far as possible, as a member of the family so it important that you try to contribute as other family members do. For instance, volunteer to take your turn with the washing up.

You can expect a furnished room to include

  • a single or double bed

  • adequate storage space (e.g. wardrobe, chest of drawers)

  • study table/desk and chair

  • adequate heating, i.e. a radiator

  • adequate lighting, e.g. a good room light and side lamp

  • adequate soft furnishings, e.g. carpet, curtains, lampshade, bed linen, etc

Private Student Residences

Alternatively, private student residences allow you to live independently in the Manchester city centre in a self-catering residence, sharing with other students. The common areas are great for socialising and meeting new people from all over the world. All options are high quality residences with single rooms and private bathrooms, plus they are all a short distance from the UKMC English Academy Centre, making your study experience even more convenient.
As a minimum, bedrooms include:

  • a single or double bed
  • bedside table and chairs
  • desk and desk chair
  • wardrobe and under bed storage
  • curtains

Your safety and security is important to us, so we work with our partners to ensure the following features are in place: CCTV, onsite service team, maintenance support, 24/7 assistance, fire system and secure access.

All bills are included in the rent, e.g., electricity, heating, Wi-Fi, water, plus contents insurance. No deposit is required as we will manage the booking on your behalf.