Private Residences

Live independently in Manchester city center in a self-catering residence, sharing with other students. Enjoy the common areas for socializing and meeting new people from all over the world.

All options are high-quality residences, with single rooms and private bathrooms. Residences are a short distance from the UKMC English Academy, making your study experience even more convenient.


Why not live like a local? This option allows you to experience living with a family in the Manchester area. Here you will enjoy the comforts of home life along with experiencing local culture. Hosts can vary from one person to a couple or a larger family. This could be the ideal way to boost your English as it allows for plenty of speaking practice outside the classroom. Many of the hosts have been welcoming international students for a number of years.
Whatever your accommodation needs, our friendly team will work with our accommodation partners to find the right place for you.


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